Washoe County
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"... And then there's Wadsworth, a sleepy rural town located just far enough from the interstate that much of it retains a solemn, antiquated look in comparison to its mega-truck-stop sister town of Fernley. The lumbering Truckee River makes its giant bend northward at Wadsworth, affectionately known as the "Big Bend," almost as if finally breaking away from the Reno/Sparks area, only to solemnly navigate northward to its death in Pyramid Lake. But you see, the Truckee River doesn't really die. Its waters and its spirit, forever refresh the giant inland sea and Wadsworth ... well, Wadsworth is only a neighbor it passes by." -- Journal Entry, August 2007

Along (Main Street) SR 427 in Wadsworth, 1 mile east of SR 447

Original Date Visited: 8/14/07

Signed: Both lanes of SR 427 (Old US 40)

Notes: This marker was one of thirty markers that was re-vamped in 2015 in celebration of "Battle Born, 150th: A State Sesquicentennial" (as evident by the campaign's logo on the plaque).

  • [68] Welcome to Wadsworth
  • [68] Marker 68 along Old US 40
  • [68] Marker 68 plaque
  • [68] Marker 68 along Old US 40
  • [68] Marker 68 plaque

Exact Description:
From 1868 until 1884, the Central Pacific's Truckee Wadsworth Division was located on this site. In 1882, work was started on a new site across the river, and by 1883, a new round house, shop, etc. were completed there. A fire on April 15, 1884, fanned by heavy wind, destroyed the remaining railroad buildings at this location as well as the town. Damage exceeeded $100,000. Lack of an adequate water supply contributed to the extensive damage. Another fire in 1902 stimulated the plan to move to a new site. In 1904, division facilities in the town were moved to an entirely new location, which became Sparks, Nevada.

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