Junction House

"... The extreme fading of this marker determines old age and lack of care throughout its life. Thank you, location. Thousands of people pass by the Atlantis everyday without ever knowing that this marker is here. I'll admit I used to be one of those people." -- June 2007


Along Virginia Street in front of the Atlantis Casino -- Reno

* Find this one in front of the Diamond Parking lot *

  39.489176, -119.795048

Original Date Visited: 6/10/07
Revisited: 11/24/21

Signed: No

Notes: Like all major casinos in Nevada, Big brother is watching and hence, the challenge begins. As tempting as it is, don't even think of parking directly behind the marker, that is, unless you can sport your Diamond member player card. Do yourself a favor and park across Virginia in the regular parking area for Atlantis and use either the crosswalk or the casino skybridge over Virginia Street. The risk of getting slammed with a major fine simply isn't worth it.

  • This one is easy to miss thanks to a lack of signage and a very inconspicuous location
  • Chances are that eight thousand plus commuters a day have no clue this regionally important marker exists

Exact Description:
Here was located one of the busiest crossroads of pioneer Nevada, converging point for many major toll roads of the area. The earliest emigrants from the east crossed through Truckee Meadows at this point and by 1853 the intersection was known as Junction House, first permanent settlement in this valley and a stopping place for thousands.

Junction House, later called Andersons, was a station for such toll roads of the 1860's as the turnpike to Washoe City, the Myron Lake road to Oregon, the Geiger roads to Virginia City and the important Henness Pass route to California.

Governor Sparks bought the property in the late 1890's and more recently it belonged to cattleman William Moffat.

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