Galena Creek Fish Hatchery

Washoe County

"I had to learn about this one through an online article I happened across one day. No public announcement ... no flyers, nothing to inform the public of a new Nevada historic marker. I'm aware that I can gripe all I want and not a whole lot will be done when it comes to their (SHPO) operations. I'm also aware that I'm a few months early in this park opening its gates for the year. In two months time, I can expect this park to be teeming with happy Reno people, kids at summer camp, and young anglers catching a planter trout in Marilyn's Pond. All is well here in the foothills of the Truckee Meadows." -- Journal Entry, March 2009

At the entrance to Galena Creek Fish Hatchery, 8 miles west of US 395
* Take SR 431 west from US 395 *

Original Date Visited: 3/30/09

Signed: No

Notes: *Seasonal Only.* Galena Creek Park is closed from November through March, making access to this hidden marker a hit or miss during the off-months. Even during the warm season Galena has posted visiting hours and a locked gate that prevents access from sundown to 8am.

- You'll find two entrances for Galena Creek Park from SR 431, but the one you need is signed for "Galena Creek South Entrance" just as the highway begins its quick and winding ascent up the mountain. Turn into the "South Entrance" heading straight (uphill) for "Marilyn's Pond" and "Wee Chee Camp." Use the parking lot for Marilyn's Pond and hike uphill to the hatchery.

  • [267] Marker Plaque.  This marker was dedicated in 2010
  • [267] The historic Galena Creek Fish Hatchery just south of Reno
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Exact Description:
The Galena Creek Fish Hatchery represents an attempt to make amends after Nevada's Comstock Lode ravaged the region's ecosystem in the 1860's and 70s. Fishing decimated local streams and lakes to feed a growing population. Eventually, restocking became an important goal.

Washoe County operated this hatchery from 1931 to 1949 as an auxiliary to their main facility on the Truckee River in Reno. Galena Creek was ideal because of the continuous supply of uncontaminated water. The hatchery reflects a trend, beginning in the 1920's, to combine habitat conservation and recreational development.

The county ceased hatchery operations in 1949. After that, the Boy Scouts, the Sierra Sage Council of Camp Fire, Inc., and the Washoe Bowmen and Sierra Archers used the site. In 1994, Washoe County reacquired the property as part of Galena Creek Regional Park with plans to restore the building for community use.

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