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Southern Pacific Railroad Yards

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"Can I go above and beyond and call the placement for #189 as the most ridiculous idea I've come across on my campaign? How could the SHPO honestly think this was an accessible-friendly location? For such an important marker symbolizing the City of Sparks you'd think the SHPO would've been a bit more decisive. What about the railroad yards just a bit down the road? Or Victorian Circle? An affable stance in front of a modern-day 7-Eleven just doesn't cut it. #189 conquered." -- Journal Entry, September 2007

SE corner of B Street and Pyramid Way (SR 445) -- Sparks

Original Date Visited: 9/23/07

Signed: No

Notes: If you relate pesky placement to this marker you aren't the only one. This conquering is ridiculous because of the lack of immediate parking at this intersection. Do yourself a favor and avoid a parking ticket avoiding the 7-Eleven across the street. The parking issue is strictly enforced here by Sparks Police so don't risk it. Instead, park at Victorian Square and make the short walk from Railroad Park across Pyramid Way.

  • The new setting for Marker 189 under construction in 2011.  Notice the topsoil mounds behind the marker.
  • Marker 189 plaque

Exact Description:
Soon after 1900, some 373 miles of the original Central Pacific (now Southern Pacific) line between Reno and Ogden, Utah, was rebuilt. The work involved shortening of the line in some places. One such change took Wadsworth (Nevada), a division terminal, off the main line. During the summer of 1904 the terminal was moved to this location, which became the town of Sparks.

A huge 40-stall locomotive roundhouse was dismantled in 1959.

Still standing are the machine and erecting shops.

Had it not been for the railroad yards being moved here, the City of Sparks would not exist.

The new setting for Marker 189 in 2015! The rail in the b.g. is a nice homage don't you think?

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