Mark Twain

Storey County
  39.31021, -119.64966

"I can hear old Sam Clemens now: 'With such a tiny plaque to honor me, God must've been crazy.'" -- Journal Entry, November 2007

Along C Street at the front door to the Terretorial Enterprise -- Virginia City

Original Date Visited: 11/21/07

Signed: No

Notes: A set of keen eyes will make out the most noticeable oddity on this plaque: "Historical Marker No. 27." When the SHPO relinquished most of these old Classic-style markers sometime in the late 90s, the SHPO failed to update them. Mark Twain happened to be one of the only classics that was kept in the system -- and with it, an easily missable blooper!

  • Marker 28 received a much-needed face life in 2011
  • © Library of Congress

Exact Description:
100 years ago, in 1864, Samuel Clemens left the Terretorial Enterprise, moving on to California and worldwide fame. He was a reporter here in 1863 when he first used the name, Mark Twain. He later described his colorful adventures in Nevada in "Roughing It."

Did You Know ...

The Territorial Enterprise was NOT Nevada's first newspaper? Contrary to popular belief, the coveted title for the state's first newspaper actually belongs to the little-known "Gold Canon Switch" (sic.) in 1849, a written one page handout in the camp of Johntown near present-day Silver City. Have no fear, Twain fans. The Territorial Enterprise wins the prize as the first CIRCULATED newspaper in Nevada.

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