Pershing County

Pershing County
  40.1803, -118.47694

"Similar to a boondock brothel, or an abstract piece of desert art, the notion of "locking one's love" is advertised on large billboards for a hundred, sun-baked miles in either direction. And you bet I took part in this one. I wouldn't be surprised when this is journey is all over that somebody finds my lock somewhere on that chain." -- Journal Entry, October 2008

In Courthouse Plaza -- Lovelock

Original Date Visited: 10/22/08

Signed: No

  • Marker 17 plaque
  • Just to the left of this marker is the famous Lovers Lock Plaza
  • The Pershing Courthouse is one of only two round courthouses in America

Exact Description:
Here was a key point on Nevada's earliest road, the famed Humboldt Trail that brought 165,000 emigrants west in the 1840's-50's. Travelers named this rich valley The Big Meadows and stopped here for water and grass before continuing south to cross the dreaded 40-Mile Desert, the most difficult lap on the California Trail.

Mining, still an important industry, began here in the 1850's. George Lovelock, merchant, rancher and prospector, gave his name to the county seat. The coming of the railroad in 1869 brought new growth to the area. Pershing County, established in 1919, was previously part of Humboldt County.

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