Nye County
  38.06702, -117.22957

"If only Jim Butler knew what he was creating. Tonopah sets the stage, not just for silver, but an unrelenting pride for Nevada. He would be proud." -- Journal Entry, March 2008

Along (Main Street) US 6/95 in Tonopah.
* Look for a small patch of grass two blocks south of the Mizpah Hotel*

Original Date Visited: 3/20/08

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Exact Description:
Jim Butler, a rancher from Belmont, was tracking his strayed burro when he made the discovery on May 19, 1900, that set off the stampede to Tonopah. Thus began a wild mining boom in Nevada that ended a 20-year slump. Tonopah soon became the most important gold-silver producer in the nation. It replaced aging Belmont as county seat in 1904, had railroads, several huge mills and a bustling population of thousands.

The mines faltered in the 20's, but Tonopah has achieved permanent fame for the many prominent Nevada leaders it produced and for the brilliant cluster of nearby mining districts it brought into being.

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