[138] -- Belmont

Nye County
  38.59568, -116.87594

"What a long way out here, but what a sweet ride. Yet another old mining girl, alive and kicking. Before I go off shooting, I must record that I counted a total of eighteen antelope and six wild horses on my drive here. Belmont might just be the centerpiece of rural, rugged Nevada. Her worn, still-standing exterior definitely shows a lack of rest for the weary." -- Journal Entry, April 2009

Belmont Courthouse, 25 miles northeast of SR 376 -- Belmont

Original Date Visited: 5/14/08

Signed: No

Notes: Here's one that makes its home a good distance off the beaten path. To find this marker, hunters need to divert away from SR 376 onto the "Belmont Road, sometimes known as "Old Highway 82." After making the turnoff, there is no sign indicating that it is a one-way, 25-mile trip to the old mining town of Belmont. This area of Nevada still sees very little visitors, and only light local traffic, so NDOT hasn't given much thought in erecting signage to the old town. Like many of these old towns (or as I call them, "still-beating hearts of Nevada"), keep in mind that Belmont is still an active community and while the town is mostly all private property, visitors are welcome! As always, the picturesque buildings are posted for their own protection, so please respect any and all signs that you will see posted. Belmont's year-round population of fifteen residents will thank you kindly. As for [138] itself, look for signs to the Belmont Courthouse just after entering town. Nevada State Parks owns this structure as part of Belmont Courthouse State Historic Park and the building is open during the summer months to tours. NSP has set up a nice parking area, interpretive signs, and picnic tables at the par. Use this to gain access to the marker, as well as any and all parking so you can take a stroll through town!

This marker was one of thirty markers that was re-vamped in 2015 in celebration of "Battle Born, 150th: A State Sesquicentennial" (as evident by the campaign's logo on the plaque). Not only was it re-vamped, this marker was given a completely new text. What you see listed below is text for both the new and former plaques.

The lonely drive to Belmont

From SR 376, former SR 82 (the "Belmont Road") is a lovely 25-mile run to the old town. Don't let these images fool you. Belmont is a mountain town! Notice the low posted speed limit. A slow 55MPH has been posted to protect the abundance of wildlife, and you as a commuter, in this area. Enjoy the wide open spaces, but keep your eyes out for herds of wildlife that tend to stray very close to the highway.
  • [138] Marker 138 and the picturesque Belmont Courthouse, the only such courthouse remaining in an old mining camp
  • [138] The old plaque for Marker 138
  • [138] THe new plaque for Marker 138 replaced in 2014.  Notice the significant addition of text!
  • [138] The old mining girl of Belmont
  • [138] Marker 138 and the picturesque Belmont Courthouse, the only such courthouse remaining in an old mining camp

Exact Description:
Once visited by prehistoric man, Shoshone Indians also used this site for jackrabbit drives and for celebrations.

Silver ore discoveries in 1865, the convenience of wood and water and naturally fine location resulted in the attractive, tree-shaded mining and milling center of Belmont. Once the most flourishing town in eastern Nevada, it was the county seat from 1867-1905.

English-Irish feuds flared frequently, and the German-dominated merchant section of town once flew its own flag.

Silver production totaling $4 million was from unusually high-grade but shallow ores. Most mines shut down by 1890.

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