Carson and Colorado Railroad Freight Depot

Mineral County
  38.52431, -118.62382

"Clever placement for an St (L). The only other St (L) affixed to a structure is Kyle Ranch (#224). So, the question lingers: maybe they ran out of marker posts?" -- Journal Entry, June 2007

5th (US 95) and G Sts -- Hawthorne
* Find this one mounted to the wall of the Elks Lodge right across from the El Capitan Casino *

Original Date Visited: 6/27/07

Signed: No

  • Clever placement for Marker 237
  • Clever placement for Marker 237

Exact Description:
This building, the first to be constructed in Hawthorne, is the remnant of the narrow-gauge Carson & Colorado Railroad built south from Mound House in 1881. Railroad officials created the town from desert when the first lots were auctioned off on April 14, 1881. The line was subsequently extended into Owens Valley, California, and service to Hawthorne came to an end when the town was by-passed in 1905. In later years, the building served as a general store, a bar, and restaurant with a bingo parlor and a banquet hall, until acquired by the Hawthorne Elks Lodge in 1946.

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