Mineral County


Mineral County

Mineral County
  38.68368, -118.77269

"A sapphire in the desert ... and one that couldn't be more refreshing! And, Cecil lurks somewhere in the depths of that mystical lake. Good thing I have my camera at the ready ..." -- Journal Entry, June 2007

Along US 95, 10 miles north of Hawthorne

Original Date Visited: 6/27/07

Signed: Both lanes of US 95

  • Marker 16 overlooking the slate blue inland sea called Walker Lake
  • North shore of Walker Lake and Mt. Grant
  • Marker 16

Exact Description:
Nevada's earliest maps show Walker Lake. Jedediah Smith, first American into Nevada, passed here in 1829 during his remarkable trip across the state. Peter Skene Ogden was here in 1828, then Fremont in 1846 with his guide, Joseph Walker for whom the lake is named.

Until it's creation in 1911, Mineral County was apart of Esmeralda. The first county seat was at Aurora, but it was moved to Hawthorne in 1868, the year after the Carson and Colorado RR was built. The county had many well-known mining towns -- Aurora, Belleville, Candelaria, Rawhide and others.

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