Mineral County
  38.22503, -118.17774

"(#154) I don't say this about a lot of places, but truthfully there isn't a whole lot here. And I'm sure my conscience will kick my ass when I get back."
-- Journal Entry, June 2008

SR 360 and the BLM road to Marietta, 5 miles south of junction with US 95

Original Date Visited: 6/25/08

Signed: Both lanes of SR 360

Notes: Welcome to west-central Nevada: the home of wild burros, vast stark vistas, and long drive times. [154] is one of the more "remote" markers in the system, and yes ... while it's fair to say that Nevada's rural markers are all indeed remote, there are still a few wild ones that require a decent amount of time to conquer properly. Here's one that sits just well enough off the beaten path, in this case SR 360. This little two laner is little more than a fast cutoff from US 95 to US 6 westbound to the Eastern Sierra, and will likely be the only time you'll need to use this isolated highway. Top off your tank in either Tonopah (1.25 hours south), Bishop (CA) (1.75 hours southwest), or Hawthorne (1 hour north) and soak in that lovely loneliness!

  • Notice a few tailings in the b.g.  Just to right of this landmark is a stone foundation and remains of the mill
  • Remote Marker 154

Exact Description:
Founded in 1873, Belleville flourished by millin the ore from the Northern Belle Mine at Candelaria. The mill located just east of here made its first bullion bar shipment ($9,200) in April 1875.

Belleville was famous for murders, drunken brawls, "sporting", and practical jokes. It was also the terminus and work camp of the Carson and Colorado Railroad that reached town in 1862. At that time, Belleville's population peaked at about 500 and included an assay office, an express office, a telegraph station, a livery stable, a schoolhouse, two hotels, several restaurants and blacksmith shops,and seven saloons.

By the late 1880's, pipes delivered water to Candelaria and allowed local mills to begin operation reducing the need for shipping costs. Belleville could not survive the competition and was deserted by 1892.

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