Candelaria & Metallic City


Candelaria & Metallic City

Mineral County
  38.208, -118.00114

"(#92) I don't say this about a lot of places, but truthfully there isn't a whole lot here. And I'm sure my conscience will kick my ass when I get back." -- Journal Entry, July 2008

Along Candelaria Road (junction with US 95) -- 14 miles south of Mina
* Head west on the road to Candelaria to find the marker on your right *

Original Date Visited: 7/18/08

Signed: Both lanes of US 95

Notes: Hardly anything remains of Candelaria. This old girl consists of mostly lowly ruins, wood piles, and scant foundations, although the few intact structures are pretty impressive! We're adding this here because many of you will be tempted to visit the old town, but please know the entire town site of Candelaria is owned by the Kinross Gold Mining Company and these people enforce a strict "no trespassing" policy at the town site.

Up until a few years ago every inch of the old town was under surveillance. People patrolled the road routinely including the town's historic cemetery that sat within the confines of the company's boundaries. A shining light gleamed in 2010, when a local non-profit group purchased the land surrounding the cemetery officially opening the small cemetery to the public. Now we can all enjoy at least some piece of this Nevada history although the actual town site is strictly off-limits. Don't tempt it, folks. A fence is located directly adjacent to the cemetery declaring the strict private property line. So remember, although we must grit our teeth please obey all of these signs.

  • Marker 92 in the far reaches of west-central Nevada
  • The doctor office in downtown Candelaria

Exact Description:
Seven miles to the west lie the ghost towns of Candelaria and Metallic City.

Candelaria was presumably named after a mine of that name located in 1885, and also after the Catholic Candlemas Day. Metallic City, the "sin city" of Candelaria, and also known as Pickhandle Gulch, lies 3/4 mile to the south Candelaria. The name, pickhandle, was derived from the most popular weapon used for settling disputes.

In 1880, Candelaria was the largest town in the immediate area and boasted of having 3 doctors, 3 lawyers, 2 hotels, 6 stores and 10 saloons. Water piped from Trail Canyon in 1882 caused the price of water to drop from $1.00 to $0.05 per gallon.

The leading mine, the Northern Belle, was first located in 1864 (relocated in 1870). It is reported to have produced an estimated $7 million, mainly in silver.

Marker 92 conquered!

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