Buckland's Station

Lyon County
  39.29382, -119.2515

"Even today Buckland's is an oasis! I can only imagine it a century and a half ago. It's likely many of the stately Cottonwood trees lining the river are actually old-growth. What transition we've made from clean, horse-drawn carriage to dizzying, fuel-burning combustibles. If only they could speak." -- Journal Entry, September 2007

Along US 95 Alt, 9 miles south of Silver Springs

Original Date Visited: 9/20/07

Signed: Both lanes of US 95 ALT

  • The original Bucklands Station remains protected within Fort Churchill State Historic Park.
  • Marker 192 plaque
  • Life is pretty quiet at todays Buckland Station.

Exact Description:
Samuel S. Buckland was a true pioneer. He settled here in 1859, began a ranching operation, established a station for the Overland Stage Company and operated a tent hotel. He also constructed the first bridge across the Carson River downstream from Genoa.

During 1860, Sam built a large log cabin and married Miss Eliza Prentice. In that same year Buckland's Station served as the assembly point for the volunteer units that took part in the Pyramid Lake Indian War. It was during this period that Buckland's served as a remount station on the famous Pony Express Route.

In 1864, he opened a store and dispersed goods to travelers, neighbors, and the soldiers at nearby Fort Churchill. He later constructed the large two-story house presently located on the site from materials obtained at the dismantling of the fort.

Sam and his family are buried at Fort Churchill.

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