Panaca Mercantile Store

Lincoln County
  37.79037, -114.38684

"So my adventures across our state in search of its historic markers have led me to ... historic cemeteries. Old west structures, Modern structures. Office buildings. Urban parks. Casinos. Mountain lakes. Cattle Ranches. A public swimming pool. And now ... Yes. A supermarket. Who woulda thought? ..." -- Journal Entry, March 2009

On the southwest wall of the Panaca Market -- Panaca
* Find this one directly across from the LDS Church *

Original Date Visited: 3/16/09

Signed: No

Notes: Parking will be your first challenge here in this protective and very tight-knit community! As you've probably gathered, Panaca folks keep a keen eye on outsiders. If you arrive here on a weekend please consider parking well away from the LDS church. Use the main street and walk across to grab this marker. You can do a sweet two-for-one deal by bagging [182] Panaca Ward Chapel (right behind the church).

  • Marker 93 plaque
  • Marker 93 in sleepy Panaca

Exact Description:
This building, popularly known as the Panaca Co-op, was constructed of adobe in 1868, by the (Mormon) "Panaca Cooperative Mercantile Institution" comprising more than 100 stock holders -- to meet barter, merchandising and marketing needs. Wagons from Salt Lake drawn by six-mule teams, carried stocks to, and produce from, Panaca and way stations.

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