Lincoln County
  37.9267, -114.44894

"Insert: ruffians, a thousand chips, dusters, and lead ... friendly faces and fighting foes all rolled into one. Unlike many old mining girls in Nevada, Pioche comes to the closest to matching your typical Wild West Town straight off the movie set ... without the overpaid actors." -- Journal Entry, April 2008

Along (S. Main St) SR 321 at the south end of Pioche

Original Date Visited: 4/13/08

Signed: You'll find one original cut-out shield on the northbound side of SR 321.

Notes: The SHPO lists these directions as: "on US Highway 93 Alternate in Pioche Nevada." Trust us when we say that you won't find "US 93 Alternate" anywhere in Pioche. The SHPO are actually referring to SR 321. If you're getting here from the north follow Main Street all the way through town past Boot Hill Park where you'll find the large stone marker sitting at the top of the hill. Easy, peazy, done.

  • [5] The immaculate condition of this old Stone marker
  • [5] The immaculate condition of this old Stone marker

Exact Description:
Silver ore was discovered in this range of mountains in 1864, but no important development took place until 1869 when mines were opened and the town of Pioche appeared. Pioche soon became the scene of a wild rush of prospectors and fortune seekers and gained a reputation in the 1870's for tough gunmen and bitter lawsuits. Over five million dollars in ore was taken out by 1872, and by 1900 Pioche was nearly a ghost town.

Designated as the seat of Lincoln County in 1871, Pioche survived hard times as a supply and government center for a vast area. In later years, notably during World War II, profitable lead-zinc deposits were developed.

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