Union Pacific Depot - 1923


Union Pacific Depot - 1923

Lincoln County
  37.61278, -114.51399

"What a long day. I finally find myself at the famous Caliente Train Depot in all its Spanish architectural fame. I'd say this would be a great place for a rest, but two things prevent me from doing so. One, a school bus has just unloaded a horde of kids; looks like a fieldtrip. Kids. I can deal with that. But two. Reason two is the killer. I am out of caffeine. In my toolbox; a sack lunch; a tripod, camera, and hundreds of dollars worth of photo equipment; a small suitcase. Even a beanie-baby. But no caffeine. I'm a smart one." -- Journal Entry, April 2009

At the Union Pacific Depot -- Caliente

Original Date Visited: 4/13/09

Signed: No

  • Marker 249 in Caliente
  • Marker 249 plaque
  • The historic Caliente Train Depot

Exact Description:
Constructed as a Union Pacific Railroad Depot in 1923, this Mission Revival structure was designed by well known Los Angeles architects John and Donald Parkinson. The depot represents an imposing example of Mission Revival design. Much of its interior was made of solid oak and the total cost was $83,600. The depot replaced a former structure which burned Sept. 9, 1921. This newer facility included a restaurant and a fifty-room hotel. For some years, the old depot has served Caliente as a civic center and is the location of city government offices.

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