Crystal Springs

Lincoln County
  37.53247, -115.23291

"Crystal Springs marks my last Lincoln landmark and with it, a bit of solemnity knowing that I must return to the real world. Until then, the famed ET Highway awaits. Bring it on. I'm going to try to get to Tonopah today (if I don't get distracted in the process). Better late than never to start my adventure." -- Journal Entry, April 2009

At the junction of SR 375 and SR 318, 8 miles north of Alamo

Original Date Visited: 4/13/09

Signed: No

  • [205] Its hard to miss this patch of trees in the surrounding desert
  • [205] Marker 205 plaque
  • [205] Welcome to Crystal Springs, Nevada - the beginning of the Extraterrestrial Highway!
  • [205] This ones a cool respite from the desert heat!
  • [205] Marker 205

Exact Description:
The discovery of silver in Pahranagat Valley in 1865 resulted in the creation of Lincoln County with Crystal Springs designated as the provisional county seat in 1866. With the intention of organizing the new county, Governor Henry G. Blasdel left Carson City in April, 1866, accompanied by over twenty people and after a perilous journey through Death Valley, California, reached the new district of Pahranagat. This expedition was also expected to find a more practicable route between the valley and the towns of western Nevada. When the Governor arrived at Crystal Springs, he found that the region lacked the number of voters necessary to meet the requirements for county organization, which resulted in the eventual formation of the county at Hiko one year later. This locale, used as a watering place and campsite, was the principal stopover on the Mormon Trail alternate route.

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