Lander County
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"The site of Jacobsville lies just a quarter mile away in the b.g. This one is among many accompanied by yet another 1950s memorial to the Lincoln Highway. I sense another historical marker to be put on the proposed list?" -- Journal Entry, June 2009

Along US 50, 6 miles west of Austin

Original Date Visited: 6/20/09

Signed: Both lanes of US 50

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  • [66] Marker 66 represents the old station at Jacobsville, roughly 1 mile behind this marker
  • [66] Marker 66 along the Loneliest Road east of Austin
  • [66] Remembering the Pony Express Trail
  • [66] The lonely vistas in Reese River Valley

Exact Description:
Site of the town of Jacobsville is one-half mile north. Founded on the banks of the Reese River in 1859 by George Washington Jacobs who was the first sheriff of Lander County, farmer and businessman, it was the Overland Stage and Mail station and became a Pony Express stop in 1860. In the early 60's, it had a population of about 400 people, and boasted of the first telegraph relay station, a post office, court house, three stores and two hotels.

It was the first county seat of Lander County comprising practically all of northeastern Nevada. The county seat was moved to the more population town of Austin the same year it was established in Jacobsville. The only remnants are a few stones used in the foundations. The Reese River, just west of here, was discovering by the exploring party of John Reese in 1854.

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