Hickison Summit

Lander County
  39.44239, -116.74634

"Places like these are the places of purification. A listless wind, an antelope's call. Nevada defies any and all explanation." -- Journal Entry, October 2008

Along US 50 on Hickison Summit, 24.8 miles east of Austin

Original Date Visited: 10/27/08

Signed: Both lanes of US 50

  • Great views atop Hickison Summit
  • Marker 137 plaque
  • Marker 137 in the middle of Nevada

Exact Description:
About one mile northwest lies a natural pass between two low buttes, which prehistorically, the aborigines may have used as a site of ambushing migratory deer herds. Three petroglyph panels are located in this pass concerte cooperative efforts of several families were necessary for successful trapping, killing and processing the deer.

Petroglyphs suggest magical or ritual connection with hunting activities. They were added seasonally by the group's religious leader, or shaman, as omens to insure a successful hunt.

   Marker Superlative
[137] is the most centrally located marker in Nevada -- the state marker nearest to Nevada's geographical center.

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