Toquima Cave

Lander County
  39.39998, -116.9419

"The BLM road extending across the valley leads to Toquima Cave, approximately eight miles from this marker. The surrounding valleys around Austin offer more than meets the eye; and, in a valley as big as Big Smoky Valley, it isn't hard to see why ..." -- Journal Entry, October 2008

Along SR 376 and the BLM road to Toquima Cave, 1/4 mile south of US 50

Original Date Visited: 10/27/08

Signed: Both lanes of SR 376

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  • [136] Toquima Cave

Exact Description:
East of the summit, north of the highway, and under a basalt flow lies Toquima Cave. Red, white, and yellow aboriginal drawings (pictographs) decorate its walls.

Usually located near springs, as here, and on migratory big game trails, painted or pecked petroglyphs are associated with food gathering localities of Nevada's prehistoric inhabitants.

There are no known specific meanings attached to the particular design elements. Presumably, these people created the designs as ritual devices to insure success in the hunt.

Most petroglyphs, therefore, probably are not "messages" or conscious "art forms."

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