McDermitt Indian Reservation (Northern Paiute)

Humboldt County
  41.96138, -117.7107

"In such a remote location, where the hell could this one be? My only guess is #146 struck a nerve with some of the locals (how I don't know!) and it was removed ... forcefully." -- Journal Entry, August 2009

According the State Marker System, the location for this marker reads as follows ...
"Located on U.S. Highway 95 south of McDermitt, Nevada."
Today, this marker is currently missing.

Original Date Visited: 8/28/09

Signed: No

Currently Missing -- Last Seen: June 2004
When I tackled northern Humboldt at the end of August 2010, finding out that [146] out of commission was a bit of a shock. This case is a true enigma and the best lead I've had so far came from an email in 2011. The anonymous sender was a concerned local who wanted me to set the record straight on this website. This contact who've I've nicknamed "Jay," informed me that he was in charge of the administering the BLM fire unit for upwards of two decades. He remembers this marker well and gave me detailed directions to the exact site of this MIA. After a series of exchanging emails we both came to the conclusion that [146] was likely removed by NDOT or the Fort McDermitt Reservation.

So then, it's time to set the record straight. The case of [146] is truly puzzling because its supposed location was right alongside US 95 - a relatively well-traveled commuter route even in this sparsely-populated region of the state. I discounted any and all hunches by venturing deeper onto the reservation and coming away with nothing after a solid hour. I even asked a few of the tribal members and they had very vague recollections of it being alongside the highway, but "not anywhere inside their land." Our best guess lies with it being hauled away by some politically correct passerby who took offense to some of the marker's text. It could've been purposely removed by NDOT per tribal request or it may have been the victim of a vehicle collision a few years ago. To make it worse, the crude directions for this marker, "south of McDermitt," doesn't relay much information for future marker hunters to follow. If we thought "south" was vague in the beginning we may never know exactly how far "south of McDermitt," this marker was or how many miles from McDermitt it was located! Jay's email placed the marker directly across the road from [144] - the intersection of Reservation Road and US 95. If this is correct then [144] and [146] used to share the same location ... a true rarity in Nevada!

Whatever the case, this one may be a tough one to track down simply because of the lack of public contacts in this area. If you wish to do your own searching, the last known location of this large Standard marker was set south of McDermitt on the southbound side of US 95. Have a great hunt!

Exact Description:
In the mid-1860's many Paiutes returning from Oregon's Indian reservation here joined some from the Pyramid Lake Indian Reservation (home of the "Cui-ui Eaters") because of poor treatment and dishonest dealings of U.S. Indian agents. These Indians settled contentedly about Fort McDermitt, preferring the generosity and kindness of the military. They aided the local military against Bannocks and others resisting Caucasian takeover of traditional Indian lands. Nearby mercury mines have furnished employment for Indians adjusting to the lifestyle of the "white man." Likewise the local precision assembly industry utilizes the dexterity skills of the Indians today. Red and green clays from the canyon are now made into pottery.

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