Blair (Discovered by Accident)

Esmeralda County
  37.78107, -117.63486

"Blair is one of those places that makes you thirsty just being out here. Too bad the nearest watering hole is seventy miles away. Cold can of Pepsi for the win." -- Journal Entry, July 2008

Along SR 265, 2 miles north of Silver Peak

Original Date Visited: 7/14/08

Signed: Original cut-out shield (severely faded) on the southbound lane of SR 265

Notes:This one sits a fairly good distance away from the beaten path of US 95. The problem isn't so much the mileage but the remoteness of the general area. For some reason NDOT forgot to supply SR 265 with any mileage signs so there is nothing telling you that it's a 40 mile round trip to and from Silver Peak from US 95! Bring everything but the kitchen sink when you visit the remote goodness of central Nevada.

  • The barren hills surrounding remote Marker 174
  • Marker 174 plaque
  • The faded signage for Marker 174

Exact Description:
Mining fever in the Tonopah boom reached out in all directions and revived many dormant mining towns. Land speculators at nearby Silver Peak bought up the land in that area and jacked the land prices so high that the 100-stamp mill planned at Silver Peak was built 1 1/2 miles west of here to become the hub of Blair.

The Pittsburg-Silver Peak Gold Mining Company built the 17 1/2-mile Silver Peak Railroad running north in 1906 and the big mill (Nevada's largest in its day) in 1907.

The remnants of stone buildings and mill foundations are the only remains of a once-thriving, but short-lived, mining town.

By 1920, Blair was all but deserted.

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