Esmeralda County
  37.4443, -117.69524

"If you wanna get away from the rest of Nevada, this is the place to do it. Total number of cars passed: 2, and its only 11 in the afternoon ... in the middle of July. You know when it's summer." -- Journal Entry, July 2008

Along SR 266, 8 miles east of the California state line

Original Date Visited: 7/18/08

Signed: Both lanes of SR 266

Notes: This marker wraps up the trio of markers on SR 266 that require a bit of strategic planning to conquer. Please know that this region is one of the most inhospitable in Nevada and this location is far away from almost everything. Please keep all the regular precautions stored in the back of your mind. According to a survey in 2010, SR 266 averaged a daily rate of traffic of 50 cars per day. Make sure you do all the necessary precautions before venturing to this neck of the woods. Use your best judgement with this one.

  • Marker 158 and the scant ruins of old Palmetto.
  • All that remains of Palmetto are its foundries and a stage station.  Yep.  Expect this marker to be very lonely.
  • Marker 158 plaque

Exact Description:
Thinking that local joshua trees were related to palm trees, the 1866 prospectors named the mining camp Palmetto. The town "died" and revived three times.

New prospecting in 1903 caused Palmetto to grow to a town of 200 tents on a platted townsite. At its peak year, 1906, the commercial street, over 1/2 mile long, contained all the necessary mining camp businesses.

Local miners drifted away in autumn, 1906. Mining, on a lease basis, has been minimal since that time. An important talc deposit lies nearby.

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