Esmeralda County
  37.70757, -117.23345

"Little do most people know that the Esmeralda County Courthouse is one of the longest running courthouses in Nevada. It's also one of the most unique, dictating a tiny county with a population less than one thousand. Only in Nevada." -- Journal Entry, July 2008

Along (Crook Street) US 95 at the Esmeralda County Courthouse

Original Date Visited: 7/14/08

Signed: Two original cut-out shields. Both lanes of US 95

  • [14] Sign for Marker 14
  • [14] Marker 14 is one of the oldest markers in the system
  • [14] This marker has the best original etching of any Nevada Stone marker!
  • [14] This marker has the best original etching of any Nevada Stone marker!
  • [14] The famous Goldfield Hotel was once the largest structure east of the Mississippi

Exact Description:
For a 20-year period prior to 1900 the mining in Nevada fell into a slump that cast the entire state into a bleak depression and caused the loss of one-third of the population.

The picture brightened overnight following the spectacular strikes in Tonopah and, shortly afterwards, in Goldfield. Gold ore was discovered here in December, 1902, by two Nevada-born prospectors, Harry Stimler and Billy Marsh. From 1904 to 1918 Goldfield boomed furiously. The city had a railroad that connected into Las Vegas and a peak population of 20,000. Between 1903- 40 a total of $86,765,044 in metals was produced here.

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