Esmeralda County
  38.14024, -117.45391

"(#101) I spoke to a couple a few minutes ago regarding my license plate ... PX395. They were from Arizona. "What's it stand for?" My response, with camera in hand ... "I'm a photographer." Now I think it should read PX NV." -- Journal Entry, July 2008

Along US 6/95 at the Millers Rest Area, 13 miles north of Tonopah

Original Date Visited: 7/13/08

Signed: No

Notes: [101] Millers is the only unsigned marker in Essy County. Worse yet, if you don't need a pit stop it's very likely that you'll miss it completely. As often as I've tried, there is no way to spot this one from the highway! Fortunately, Miller's Rest Area is the only thing out here for miles so it's incredibly hard to miss.

  • [101] Marker 101 plaque
  • [101] Marker 101 is hidden at the Millers Rest Area just outside of Tonopah

Exact Description:
As a result of the mining excitement at Tonopah in 1901 and subsequent construction of the Tonopah and Goldfield Railroad, Miller's was founded in 1904 as a station and watering stop on that line. The name honors Charles R. Miller, a director of the railroad and former Governor of Delaware. He was also vice president of the Tonopah Mining Company and was instrumental in having their 100- stamp cyanide mill build here in 1906. In 1907 the town boomed with the construction of the T & G Railroad's repair shops and another large mill. Boasting a business district and post office, the population grew to 274 in 1910. By 1911, the railroad shops and a mill had been moved away, and Miller's began to decline. It was abandoned in 1947 when the railroad went out of business.

The all-too-forgotten Marker 101 just northwest of Tonopah.

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