Elko County
  41.87751, -115.43048

"102 miles later and behold, Marker 69. We were told that as of 2009 Elko County lobbied to have the schoolhouse closed until there were enough children present in town to warrant its opening. Right now the population stands at 71. But this is summer after all. I'm expecting that population to decrease to around 20 or so once the first snows hit. I figured now would be good as any time to finger-draw the shape of Nevada in the dust that's collected on our RAV ... a nice indicator (and addition) of how much work it is to get here! And prior to this that RAV went through the hand car wash in Elko. Silly marker hunters." -- Journal Entry, August 2009

Along Main Street (CR 748) at the Jarbidge School -- Jarbidge

Original Date Visited: 8/22/09

Signed: No

Notes: In the case of lonely Marker 69, the journey to get here will probably be more exciting than the marker itself. This one leaves a lot to be desired and much of it has to do with where it was placed many years ago. Of all the places they could've chosen for this one, the powers-that-be chose a grassy patch with no real significance whatsoever. According to the SHPO, [69] is located "within the Children's Park in Jarbidge." The problem is the "children's park" doesn't exist anymore (unless they count the presence of a swing set next to the Jarbidge School.) And that's where We chose to reference this one. Find it hidden in between the school and the fire station about a hundred yards west of the gas station.

  • Marker 69 is one of the most remote markers in the system
  • Find this handmade sign at an important road fork for Jarbidge
  • This one leaves a lot to be desired.  Nonetheless, find lonely Marker 69 at this rather strange spot in Jarbidge

Exact Description:
As early as 10,000 years ago, Indian hunting parties camped in nearby caves to hunt game. Some time after 1150 A.D., Shoshone-speaking people entered the region, camping and hunting here until the beginning of historic time. The name Jarbidge comes from a Shoshone word meaning "a bad or evil spirit."

Gold was discovered in this isolated area in 1909 by Dave Bourne, and a total of $9 million was produced. Production or ores--and the population--varied, and a decline occurred in the late 1920's. However, in the early 1920's the Jarbidge district replaced fading Goldfield as the premier gold- producing area in Nevada.

On a cold, stormy December 5, 1916, the last stagecoach robbery and murder in the history of the West took place in Jarbidge Canyon, one-quarter mile north of the town.

Marker 69 in the old mining town of Jarbidge, the most remote town in Nevada.

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