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"Finally, on the one-year anniversary of Elko County's conquering, this marker's bagged! What vibrant green grass! The Carlin Park was re-sodded only five years ago so town kids could play soccer games. I'd say it was a job well done. This mini oasis-in-the-desert trumps everything else on a typical Saturday in Carlin. I had to park across the street because it seems like the entire town is at the park to watch the little league game! All that's missing is a cold glass of lemonade. #112 conquered." -- Journal Entry, April 2009

At Carlin Park, corner of B and W. Hamilton Sts -- Carlin
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Original Date Visited: 4/16/08

Signed: No

Notes: Here is yet another case of bad directions courtesy of the SHPO. The directions for [112] Carlin read as the following: "at the junction of old U.S. Highway 40 and the road to the Carlin Mine." Not only is this a mouthful, but it is severely outdated! In terms of "old U.S. Highway 40," the powers-that-be are referring to Carlin's main intersection at Chestnut Street and SR 766 (the Getchell Mine Road). After a few trips out to Carlin, I finally found this marker on my own. Keeping in pattern with the handful of markers in Nevada located at city parks, I decided to stroll through Carlin looking for its main city park. The rest is history.

There are two ways to find the Carlin park. The easy way warrants an inquiry with the locals. The hard way demands following Carlin's lightly signed streets. Which ever way choose, finding this marker requires a short diversion off of the main road (Chestnut Street). Turn right (westbound) from Carlin's main intersection and proceed about a 1/2 mile strictly obeying the posted 25MPH speed limit through town. Make a left onto W. Hamilton Street right across from Carlin Elementary. Follow W. Hamilton, past Bush Street, then make a left turn onto B Street. Trust me folks, you can't miss this big patch of green in the middle of the desert.

  • Another case of the town park!  Here is NDOTs growing preference for placing markers in county parks.
  • Marker 112 plaque
  • Another sleepy day in the town of Carlin

Exact Description:
Carlin, the oldest town in present Elko County, was established as a railroad division point in December, 1868, by the Central Pacific Railroad. It was named by Central Pacific officials after William Passmore Carlin, a Union officer who served his country with distinction during and after the Civil War.

When the railroad construction crews reached the Carlin Meadows, always a favorite stopping place for wagon trains along the California Emigrant Trail, a townsite was laid out, and a large roundhouse and shops were erected.

During the 1870's and early 1880's, Carlin competed actively with Elko, Palisade and Winnemucca for the staging and freighting business of the many mining camps north and south of the railroad. In 1965, it became the principal shipping point for the nearby Carlin gold mine, the second largest gold producer in the U.S.

Carlin is still a principal division point on the Southern Pacific. During the period from 1906 until the early 1950's, Carlin was the principal icing station in Nevada for refrigerator cars on both the Southern and Western Pacific Railroads. (Western Pacific reached Carlin from the easterly in 1908, but through freight and passenger service was not inaugurated over this transcontinental line until 1910).

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