Cave Rock

Douglas County
  39.04419, -119.94872

"(#226) What a great location! Too bad there isn't a single speck of evidence of there ever being an historic marker here. This sucks ... because it cost me three bucks just to park here. I sense a hole in my pockets by the time this quest is over. TIme to investigate this one." -- Journal Entry, August 2007

According the State Marker System ...
"Located at the Boat Launching Site at Lake Tahoe."
Today, this marker is currently missing.

Original Date Visited: 8/17/07

Last Confirmed: 12/28/10

Signed: No

Currently Missing -- Last Seen: December 28, 2010
Finally, an explanation for a missing marker! According to the website of the SHPO, this marker was removed because "the interpretive text is undergoing revisions." The problem is, this was ten years ago. Personally, I think the text sounded fine, but according to the powers-that-be the text was flawed, "offensive," and misinterpreted a valuable piece of information in accordance to the Washo Tribe. To settle any historical inaccuracies and/or disputes, the marker was pretty much removed in a haste. Or so they say ...

Update (December 2010)
The Nevada Appeal ran an article with a headline reading "Three MIAs were found in Carson City." This article was posted December 29, 2010 and revealed the whereabouts of three MIAs that have been missing for the past decade. Needless to say, the debut of this article has sparked some commotion around Carson City and area locals were ecstatic that these MIAs were found after much wasted frustration. You can imagine my surprise when I received a batch of photos by avid marker hunter Dave Morris. Before the markers were carted away to a "safe location" on December 28, 2010, he obtained several rare images. Dave found these markers covered in snow and road grime. A rat had made its nest underneath [181] Washo Indians, another long-lost state MIA. Our historic markers deserve better than this ...

These markers were carted away by private contractors (likely hired by NDOT) to an undisclosed location for repairs. The good news is that both the plaques and marker bodies were in excellent condition saving the SHPO an estimated $1,100 each in replacement costs! We here at Nevada Landmarks ask that you read the interpretive text for yourself. The SHPO states that the text "misinterpreted a valuable piece of information" in accordance to the Washo Tribe, yet this text is so poorly written, the only reference to the Washo people is the first sentence as follows ...

"Romanticized in Indian lore as a sacred place, Cave Rock is a subject of many legends."

The entire text from then on is referring to the Lake Bigler Toll Road and the construction of the two tunnels. How is this first sentence, which in itself is blunderously generic, going against "Washo accordance?" Maybe stop calling them "Indians?" Is this why the marker was removed? If so the powers-that-be really have too much time on your hands making this case nothing more than hogwash. It's only a matter of time before this marker is back in action at the Cave Rock boat launch. Oh, and of the three markers, [226] was the newest and in the best condition. Go figure.

  • This marker was found in an NDOT maintenance yard in 2010
  • Cave Rock at sunset
  • This marker was found in an NDOT maintenance yard in 2010

Exact Description:
Romanticized in Indian lore as a sacred place, Cave Rock is the subject of many legends. Named for a cave, a remnant of which can be seen some 200 feet above the waterline, this formation was a landmark on the Lake Bigler Toll Road in the early days. Quarried granite blocks which supported the toll road can still be seen on the west face of Cave Rock. The rock was first tunneled for the construction of a highway in 1931 and the second tunnel was put through in 1958.

The best view of Cave Rock at Logan Shoals.

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 [181] -- The Washo Indians 

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