Twelve Mile House

Douglas County
  38.90562, -119.70672

"I can't remain parked too long for fear of two things ... one, a constant set of eyes watching me from the Washo Headquarters, and the risk of being rear-ended on this shoulder! Moving onto #131. This conquering should be a piece of cake." -- Journal Entry, August 2007

Along US 395, 6 miles south of Gardnerville

Today, this marker is currently missing.

Original Date Visited: 8/24/07

Signed: This one used to be dual signed with [131], but the sign was removed in 2016.

Currently Missing -- Last Seen: October 2015
Here's a marker that's been an on-and-off MIA for at least five years. It was road construction and the building of a new service station that put an end to [125] once and for all. Construction began on US 395 just south of Gardnerville upon the building of a truck stop owned and operated by the Washoe tribe - construction that consisted of several turn lanes and a metal gird shoulder along both lanes of highway. Unfortunately, [125] stood right in the middle of this work. This case is a sad one considering there's virtually nothing left to tell of Twelve Mile House and the road to Aurora. We can only hope that this one will make its way back onto the scenic shoulders of 395 in the next few years.

  • Spring time at Marker 125!
  • Marker 125 is one of only a handful of Nevada markers with a mapped plaque -- a marker rarity!
  • Marker 125

Exact Description:
An important hostelry was so named because of its distance from Genoa and also from Cradlebaugh Bridge across the Carson River. It was built in 1860 by Thomas Wheeler where the Boyd Toll Road to Genoa and the Cradlebaugh Toll Road to Carson City converged. In this vicinity, a second station was built by James Teasdale.

Twelve Mile House was an important stop on the road to the Esmeralda mining camp of Aurora.

You will see buildings of the original station here.

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