Boyd Toll Road

Douglas County
  38.98838, -119.77917

"Thousands of commuters whiz up and down this freeway everyday without a glance of this marker. And really ... who can blame them? The Carson Valley Freeway is a raceway without a smidgeon of signage this marker is dusted. Still, sitting here, it's easy to imagine this same line of transportation paved in dreams of gold." -- Journal Entry, August 2007

Along US 395, 3 miles north of Minden
Find this one on the northbound shoulder of the highway

Original Date Visited: 8/24/07

Signed: No

Notes: The only way to access this marker is by traveling the northbound lanes of I-80. This might be a problem since most of you will be coming from Carson. If you're headed in from the north, you'll have to u-turn at SR 757 (at the northern limits of Minden) then backtrack another three miles. Even so you need to keep your eyes peeled for it! This one's been placed right next to a tree. You'll see the tree way before the marker. Good luck!

  • Wide open spaces at Marker 124
  • Wide open spaces at Marker 124

Exact Description:
William H. Boyd was granted a Utah Territory Franchise December 19, 1861, to provide a road to join Genoa to the Cradlebaugh Toll Road, the trunkline to the mining district of Esmeralda. Boyd's Toll Road is still visible to the northwest and southeast from this marker.

When the telegraph line from Placerville through Genoa was strung along it in 1863, the Boyd Road was also called "Telegraph Road." It was purchased by Douglas County from Henry Van Sickle and Lawrence Gilman in 1876 for $2,650.

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