Virgin Valley

Clark County
  36.80405, -114.06859

"What a difference a hundred yards makes. Well, I guess I'm sitting against the easternmost marker in the state of Nevada ... and I've only had to drive over seven hundred miles to conquer it. How fitting that I end my Clark County campaign at a superlative. From here, I'm heading east into Arizona to St. George where I'll pick up the route headed north into the west desert. I'm already made "arrangements" to set up camp near Snow Valley where it's here that my photo shoot will take place, right on the edge of the Escalante Desert. What's here? If I told you, I'd have to kill you. Being a journal has its privileges. #56 ... and Clark County, conquered!" -- Journal Entry, March 2009

Along Mesquite Blvd (SR 144) at Virgin Valley Heritage Museum -- Mesquite
* Find this one at the side entrance to the museum *

Original Date Visited: 3/15/09

Signed: No

  • [56] Marker 56 shares its site with Marker 31 in front of the Virgin Valley Heritage Museum
  • [56] Marker 56 plaque
  • [56] The easternmost historical marker in Nevada

Exact Description:
Virgin Valley was traveled by Jedediah Smith in 1826 and by Fremont in 1844.

The valley served as the right-of-way for the Old Spanish Trail (1829-1848) and for the Morman road or southern route of travel to southern California.

The area was settled by pioneers of the Latter-Day Saints Church, who colonized Bunkerville in 1877 and Mesquite in 1880.

The Virgin River provided water for the development of the valley's agricultural resources.

   Marker Superlative

[56] is the easternmost Nevada historical marker -- 1.04 miles west of the Arizona state line!

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