Sand Mountain

Churchill County
  39.27499, -118.41329

"Ironic. For such a sacred place, Sand Mountain is THE place to play in the sand. Cool autumn days like this one, make this austere place, a rather rowdy and crowded one." -- Journal Entry, July 2007

Along US 50, 20 miles east of Fallon.

Original Date Visited: 7/12/07

Signed: Both lanes of US 50

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  • Marker 10 before its disappearance in 2013
  • Sand Mountain
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Exact Description:
Sand Mountain, dominating Salt Wells Basin, is a prominent landmark in Nevada's early history. The Northern Paiute know it as Kwazi, the name of the snake that inhabits the dune, its backbone forming the crest of the mountain. Captain James H. Simpson of the Army Corps of Topographical Engineers surveyed the Central Overland Wagon Road through here in 1859. The following year, the Pony Express followed Simpson's alignment and the Sand Springs Pony Express Station was established less than a mile to the northwest. Sir Richard Burton visited the station in 1860, marveling at the "hourglass" shape of the dune. The station, abandoned and covered by a dune, was re-exposed in 1976 by archaeologists investigating life at the station.

The remains of Sand Springs Station represents one of more inhospitable stations along the Pony Express.

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