People of the Humboldt (Formerly - A Home of Early Man)

Churchill County
  39.94069, -118.74913

"This one leaves a lot to be desired, but being out here really puts into perspective the inhospitability of this region. This location although convenient for the general public takes away the mystery with this awesome driveway view at a very modern rest stop. Quite the juxtaposition. A much better location for this marker would be a few miles east of here alongside I-80 -- an ideal vantage point to the cave's location. Better yet ... place it at the entrance to Lovelock Cave itself or at least along the unpaved road leading to the cave?." -- Journal Entry, August 2007

At Trinity Rest Area (I-80 and US 95), 23 miles east of Fernley

* This marker shares its site with [26] -- Forty Mile Desert *

Original Date Visited: 8/14/07

Signed: No, although there is a shield present for its sister marker, [26] -- Forty Mile Desert.

  • Marker 147 plaque
  • Lovelock Cave, home to some of the states earliest inhabitants ... and some local folklore!

Exact Description:
Stretching before you are two vast sinks, terminal areas of the Humboldt and Carson River drainage systems. The marshy remnant of Lake Lahontan, between you and the distant Humboldt range, served as a life sustaining resource of wildlife for prehistoric man who lived by its shores. Generations occupied caves located on the lower slopes of the distant range.

Scientific archeological excavation reveals that Lovelock and Ocala Caves served as homes to man from 2,000 B.C. to about 1840 A.D. What he left behind tells of a successful adaptation of his culture to a lakeside environment.

Nearby Leonard Rock Shelter, with human occupancy dating from 5,000 B.C., is a National Historic Landmark.

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