Orion Clemens Home


Orion Clemens Home

Carson City
  39.16663, -119.76955

"(#78) Another unassuming plaque at another unassuming building in another unassuming location. I think Carson City is an unassuming little place! For those who read and don't get this narration ... that is called a hint." -- Journal Entry, June 2007

Corner of N. Division and Spear Sts. -- Carson City

Original Date Visited: 6/5/07

Signed: No

  • The picturesque setting for Marker 78.  This one was placed alongside the historic Kit Carson blue-lined trail of Comstock-era historic mansions
  • The historic Orion Clemens Home now an attorneys office

Exact Description:
Orion Clemens, secretary to Territorial Governor James W. Nye, lived in this house with his wife, "Mollie," from 1864 to 1866. His brother, Samuel, a reporter for the Territorial Enterprise, who later became famous as "Mark Twain", stayed here periodically in 1864.

The bucolic setting for Marker 77.

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