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Carson City

Carson City
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"There are seventeen trees lining the perimeter of the capitol grounds, each one representative of each county in Nevada. #44, and I, happen to be shaded by Pershing County, a birch tree. As for Carson City, this little municipality is represented by an old spruce tree on the far southeast corner of the grounds mostly out of sight by most visitors. However, I wonder what prompted Churchill's tree. Say what? Visit the capitol grounds to find out what I mean!" -- Journal Entry, June 2007

State Capitol Grounds -- Carson City
* Find this at the start of the walkway leading to the front door of the Capitol Building *

Original Date Visited: 6/4/07

Signed: No

Marker History
This marker originally began as a Standard marker and was placed right in the middle of the lawn on the SE corner of the grounds. Needless to say, this one quickly became an nuisance and after a few years, landscapers grew tired of trying to mow around it and requested to have it moved or destroyed. In quick compliance, it was taken down and replaced with the new metal-type marker that you see today. The problem with this marker is its weird placement at shin height on the walkway set well below most people's eyesight. You'll find it directly across from the much-easier-to-spot metal marker that reads "Nevada State Capitol."

  • The state capitol of Nevada
  • Marker 44 plaque
  • The Nevada State Capitol building circa 1875
  • Carson City also has a rich railroad history, in particular, as a commerce center for the Comstock Lode from 1861 to 1884
  • My completion of Carson City began and ended here at Marker 44 in 2007

Exact Description:
Nevada's State Capitol, one of the state's oldest communities, was established in 1851 as Eagle Station, a trading post and ranch on the Carson branch of the California Immigrant Trail, by Frank and Warren L. Hall, George Follansbee, Joe and Frank Bernard and A.J. Rollins. The station and surrounding valley took their name from an eagle skin stretched on the wall of the trading post.

In 1858, Abraham Curry purchased much of the Eagle Ranch after finding that lots in Genoa were too expensive. Together with his friends, John Musser, Frank Proctor and Ben Green, Curry platted a town he called Carson City. Curry left a plaza in the center of the planned community for a capitol building should the territorial or state seat of government be located in his town sometime in the future.

In March, 1861, Congress created the Nevada Territory. Seven months later, November, 1861, Carson City became the capitol of the territory due to the efforts of Curry and William M. Stewart. When Nevada became a state three years later, Carson City was selected as the state capitol, and by 1871, the present capitol building was completed in the plaza Curry had reserved for it.

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