The Governor's Mansion

Carson City
  39.16723, -119.77293

"I remember as a youngster regularly "trick-or-treating" to the Governor's Mansion for King Size candy bars and candy apples. The bonus was seeing the Governor decked out as Dracula or the glistening dress of the First Lady, garbed meticulously to mimic the bride of Frankenstein! I even remember the few security guards dressed as ghosts silhouetted by the flashing strobe lights fancied to the columns of the mansion. With it, though, I am grateful for our small-town sense of community here in Nevada. In few other places have I seen the Governor purposely dressed as Santa to sponsor a food drive for the homeless ... a place as elaborate and sanctioned like his mansion, so readily accessible to the public ... set inconspicuously within a regular neighborhood. No need to sit behind laser sights and a set of Dobermans in this lovely, little piece of rural America." -- Journal Entry, July 2007

606 Mountain Street -- Carson City

Original Date Visited: 7/18/07

Signed: No

Notes: If you walk exactly one block south from this marker you can do a double-conquering with [70] -- Bliss Mansion. Compared to California's Governor Mansion set deep inside a busy downtown scene (and which is usually under tight security), our state's mansion appears quite laid-back and rather inconspicuous amidst the Westside's tree-lined streets. Throughout the year, tourism is encouraged here and you can even schedule a tour of the mansion hosted by the first lady herself (link here). In the summer, visitors can step foot onto the mansion grounds for photography and sightseeing providing you be respectful and permission has been granted by the few security personnel that may or may not be posted. If you're really fortunate, you may even get a wave or a handshake from none other than the governor or first lady themselves! Of course, security naturally takes precidence so please be respectful by enjoying this one from the beautiful courtyard along Mountain Street!

  • The stately Governors Mansion in the historic Westside District
  • Marker 259

Exact Description:
Reno architect George A. Ferris designed this neo-classical mansion which cost $22,700. It is the only home ever built for Nevada's highest elected official. In July 1909, acting Governor Denver Dickerson and his wife Uma became the first residents of the mansion. Two months later, June Dickerson was born here.

From 1909 to 1999, sixteen families have occupied the mansion. In 2000, First Lady Dema Guinn began a revitalizatiom of the grounds. Private funds supported many of the improvements, including this fence extension donated by Steel Engineers, Inc., Las Vegas and Blue Mountain Steel, Inc., Carson City.

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