Nevada's Capitol


Nevada's Capitol

Carson City
  39.16387, -119.76629

"I think we would mourn the day if or when the state capitol was ever moved to Las Vegas. I think having the state capitol located here in the tiny down-home persona of Carson City brings much of the appeal to this already tight-knit state of ours. Home is where the capitol sits, where one not only one hangs their hat, but raises their bottle ... smirks up the eyebrow and kicks up their feet. How it is and where it is. May we celebrate another 150 years!" -- Journal Entry, June 2007

At the front door to the Capitol Building -- Carson City

Original Date Visited: 6/5/07

Signed: No

  • Marker 25 plaque
  • The Nevada State Capitol Building
  • The Nevada State Capitol Building, circa 1875. © Nevada State Museum
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Exact Description:
Completed in 1871, Nevada's splendid victorian capitol was built of sandstone from the quarry of the town's founder, Abe Curry. The octagon annex was added in 1907, the north and south wings in 1915. Notable features are its Alaskan marble walls, French crystal windows, and elegant interior.

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