Historic Flume & Lumber Yard

Carson City
  39.15189, -119.76646

"Well. There's Office Depot. There's Lowes. And then there's this ... an historic marker parked right behind these two mega buildings. I've gotta rate this one as one of the hardest to spot in the state. I've lived in Carson practically my entire life and I have never noticed this marker until now. Unfortunately, one needs a specific reason to stop here. Only then will you see the marker." -- Journal Entry, June 2007

At the Carson Rest Area in between Fairview Drive and Stewart Street -- Carson City

Original Date Visited: 6/6/07

Signed: No

A Toughie, but Goodie!
Here's one of the hardest markers that you'll ever try to find in Nevada! Note my listing for the "Carson Rest Area." Most people know this spot as the patch of grass at the Carson-Stewart wye (intersection) - and well, this one sits at the southern end of this park rest, patch of grass whatever you wanna call it. [193] is doubly tricky because it is unsigned so don't be surprised if you finally conquer it on a second attempt. Oh, and let's add in the fact that the only parking available will be a few spots behind the Office Depot in the adjacent plaza meaning you'll need to U-turn on Carson (or approach the plaza from Roop or Fairview) to find it. This is the only view you'll get from Carson Street. Try spotting this one in the summer when these trees conceal this marker! ...

Approaching the marker northbound isn't much better. This is the only view we get from Carson Street. I realize the SHPO had good intentions with its location but [193] would've been better placed on Curry Street away from 395's mess of traffic. Good luck!

  • [193] Good luck spotting this one from the road
  • [193] The line of trees on the right blocks the view of this marker from US 395 (in the b.g.)
  • [193] An exact replica of a V-shaped flume used in the Comstocks extensive lumber operations
  • [193] The mighty lumbering era of 19th century Nevada
  • [193] Marker 193 oversees the exact location of the 19th-century lumber yards

Exact Description:
Approximately one mile south of this point and west of the present-day highway lay the immense lumberyard of the Carson-Tahoe Lumber and Fluming Company. The greatest of the Comstock lumbering combines operating in the Lake Tahoe basin during 1870-1898.

Situated at the terminus of the 12 Mile "V" Flume from Spooner's Summit in the Sierra Nevada, the lumberyard was approximately one mile long and one-half mile wide. A spur line of the Virginia & Truckee Railroad served the lumberyard. The spur ran adjacent to this site and carried rough lumber to the company's planing mill and box factory, one-half mile north on Stewart Street. It also carried timbers and cordwood to the Carson yards to be hauled to the Comstock mines and mills.

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