Trans-Sierran Pioneer Flight (March 22, 1919)

Carson City
  39.17227, -119.7489

"Here's one that's easily missed! A few seconds ago a guy was looking at me like I had lobsters growing out of my ears because I was taking pictures of this marker. I guess he had never seen an historic marker before in Carson City especially in such an awkward location ..." -- Journal Entry, June 2007

Along William Street, 2 miles east of Carson Street -- Carson City
* From downtown, head east on William and cross Saliman Road. Look to the plaza on your right. *

Original Date Visited: 5/27/07

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Notes: The mini-metro that lines this segment of William Street conceals this one surprisingly well! The marker is easiest to spot if you're heading eastbound on the busy four-lane street. Find it in the plaza on the eastbound side of William just past Saliman Road. Er, maybe you will need that second set of eyes.

  • Marker 134 in Carson City
  • Marker 134 in Carson City

Exact Description:
The first authenticated air flight over the Sierra Nevada was successfully completed when four U.S. Army planes touched down here on an improvised field.

Originating at Mather Field in Sacramento and led by Lt. Col. Henry L. Watson, the squadron was made up of three liberty powered Dehavilands and one 90 HP Curtiss Trainer.

The fliers, personally welcomed by Governor Emmet D. Boyle, were Watson, Lts. Ruggles, Curtis, Krull, Schwartz, Haggett, and Sgt. Conway. It was Haggett who introduced an added surprise by landing his small trainer, unannounced, some minutes after the main flight.

The flight concluded in Reno that afternoon.

Governor Boyle flew as a passenger in one of the planes on its return flight to Sacramento, thus making him the first civilian ever to cross the Sierras in flight.

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