[677] - Nobles Emigrant Trail (Viewland)

Along US 395, 7.4 miles N of Litchfield


  • Great views at CHL 677! Honey Lake spans the right horizon.
  • A dramatic sunset at Nobles Emigrant Trail
  • Nobles Emigrant Trail
  • Alternative Plaque
  • CHL 294 - Rough and Ready

Exact Description:
This route was first used in 1852 by emigrants to Northern California seeking to avoid the hardships of the Lassen Trail. It crossed the desert from the Humboldt River in Nevada, passed this point, and proceeded over the mountains to the town of Shasta. Later, 1859-1861, it was known as the Fort Kearney, South Pass, and Honey Lake Wagon Road. On October 4, 1850, while hunting for Gold Lake, Peter Lassen and J.G. Bruff saw Honey Lake from this point.

The oversized sign for Nobles Emigrant Trail.

County: Lassen

Plaque: State

Signed: Both lanes of US 395. The northbound sign is quite oversized and the southbound sign simply reads "HISTORICAL MARKER AHEAD."

Original Date Visited: 2/10/17

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